A tent-meeting revival in 1922 resulted in the birth of a church now known as Liberty Baptist Church. This revival meeting was preached by R.V. “Bob” Self, and was organized by W.E. “Uncle Bill” Anderson, who became the first pastor of this newly-founded church on November 19 of that same year (1922). Property was purchased at 1212 East Main Street and a temporary “brush arbor”-type structure was erected.

The first permanent building was constructed during the pastorate of E.C. Morris, June 1924- October 1929. The second building was added in 1939 under the leadership of Pastor Henry Melvin. Several famous preachers spoke at this location such as Dr. John R. Rice, Dr. Hyman Appelman, and Dr. B.R. Lakin. This second building was debt-free by 1946.

During the 1960s, Liberty Baptist moved to the 1606 Liberty Street location, where Pastor Ronald Creech led the church in erecting the first building, a three-story structure serving as auditorium, classrooms, and offices. In 1971, under the pastorate of Dr. Joe Ange, a larger new auditorium was constructed.

In 1973, Pastor Guy Owens began Liberty Christian School, which still exists as the oldest Christian school in our area. LCS enjoys a reputation for its strong moral and academic standards.

In 1983, Dr. Jack Cox began a thirty-year tenure as pastor of Liberty. During his pastorate, the church purchased the twenty-nine acre campus at our present located, 3864 Guess Road. The daycare wing was completed in July of 1996, with the educational building reaching completion in December of that year. From 1996-2004, the church met in the “gymnatorium” until completion of the new auditorium in February 2004.

With the retirement of Pastor Cox, God led Dr. Scott Gray to become the next pastor in 2013. Liberty Baptist still continues to fulfill the Great Commission of winning souls and leading people into a relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Liberty Baptist Church- a church with a great heritage and an even greater future!