Adult Bible Classes

Our adult programs are tailored to help fit the needs of each adult.

Each class is designed to help our adults to become more committed to Christ at home, on the job, and with their every day relationships.

We ask that you take your time and visit our different adult classes and find the one that fits you. We believe that you will find a tremendous group of believers that will help you feel comfortable and confident to do great things for God.

Dr. Gray is a student of the Bible, which is evidently seen through the passion and fervor by which he teaches. This class was started through a burden to see young converts be discipled and strengthened in their Christian walk.
Room: 715
Teacher: Tony Crittenton

Room: 402
Teacher: TBA

Mrs. Susie, as she is affectionately called at Liberty, is a faithful woman of God who loves the senior ladies she is privileged to teach each week in the Ladies’ Bible Class.
Room: 102/Choir Ready Room
Teacher: Susan Lanier

Tim is the Music Pastor and Business Manager for the ministries of Liberty. This adult class focuses on enjoying a new life: new life in marriage, new life in child rearing, new life in retirement, and a new life in Christ.
Room: 401

Steve is a young businessman at Liberty with a desire to teach the Bible and help young families in their walk with God. This class is primarily made up of young single and married adults.
Room: 402
Teacher: Steve Morrissey

The Discovery Bible Class is taught by Dan Morrissey. This class is made up of young people who have graduated from high school and are discovering life as a college student, or beginning their life’s career. Some in this important age group are also discovering God’s mate for their lives.
Room: 504
Teacher: Dan Morrissey

Derek is our Outreach and Seniors’ Pastor here at Liberty. The Life Builders Bible Class was started by Bro. Ketner over 20 years ago and has grown in age with him. Comprised of mostly middle-aged adults, Bro. Ketner gears his lessons to helping those who are in child rearing years to those enjoying the empty nest.
Room: 106
Teacher: Derek Ketner

Loren Kurtz has been teaching the Bible for over two decades. He is a supreme educator and teaches high school English, literature, and composition as well as other subjects in our Christian school. The Friendship Bible Class is made up primarily of middle aged to senior men and ladies.
Room: Auditorium
Teacher: Loren Kurtz

Roy is a student of the word of God and a respected deacon at Liberty. This group of senior men enjoy coffee and a “round table” style Bible study every Sunday morning.
Room: 101/Welcome Center
Teacher: Roy Parton

Cheryl Mayton, a Liberty member for many years, is the class leader. This class is designed for ladies of all ages and all walks of life who are learning to grow in God’s grace as they face the struggles that women are confronted with daily.
Room: 715
Teacher: Cheryl Mayton